Mission Statement

To provide the players with American style basketball training. Our goal is to blend American culture with local Chinese culture to create a unique Asian American Athletic Style. Not only is it our intention to provide technical basketball skills but also incorporate mental training, attitude approach, and a fun lifestyle. We wish not only to offer you an opportunity to better your basketball skills but also be part of what is the growing success of basketball throughout the world.


We have a passion for basketball, teaching and having fun. Our approach to this camp is how we have approached basketball throughout our lives. With practice, training, creativity, and individuality combined with the same goal we create a winning atmosphere both on and off the court.

Goal of the Academy

The goal of our school is to provide each player, within a fun and entertaining environment, the basic fundamentals necessary to play basketball. We stress the importance of fundamentals. Every player will be shown HOW TO PRACTICE and what to practice. We want each player to improve every week!

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